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Immigration to Turkey

Turkey is a country with a unique geographical location, as part of it is located in Asia and position in continental Europe, and throughout history has always served as a bridge between the two continents of Europe and Asia. Turkey is among the largest countries in the region in terms of territory and area. It is bordered on the north by the Black Sea, northeast by Georgia and Armenia, east by the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran, southeast by Iraq and Syria, southwest and west by the Mediterranean Sea, and the north by Greece and Bulgaria. Izmir as the bride of Turkish cities and the third-largest city in Turkey, with its unique nature and turquoise sea, along with the happiest people and the most European city in Turkey, has been considered by immigrants as one of the leading destinations for immigration to Turkey. The capital of Turkey is Ankara and its largest city and port in Istanbul.

Immigrating to Turkey by buying property

Buying property in Turkey is one of the ways to obtain residence and citizenship in Turkey. This method, in addition to the profit from the conversion of Rial capital into foreign currency and the annual increase in the price of the money in the country, as well as the annual gain from the rise in property prices in Turkey, which is between 20 to 35% per year depending on the location and construction of the project. It is one of the most attractive and justifiable ways to immigrate to Turkey. In Turkey, builders start construction under the supervision of a government and a bank so that the operating bank receives the total amount needed to build the project, plus the annual increase in material prices, and the builder at each stage with Submitting the invoice to the bank, it will receive the amount. The bank acts as a guarantor of the builder’s construction and completion of the project. Finally, if the builder cannot build the project, the bank will complete the project or repay the money to customers. It should be noted that the mentioned cases are related to reputable manufacturers that My Ofis only cooperates with these companies.

This method is divided into two parts, which are as follows. Case 1: If the total of your purchased property is worth 250 thousand US dollars, you will be granted Turkish citizenship, and within 70 working days, you and your esteemed family will be issued a Turkish passport, which can be sold for up to three years. Do not have, and in case of a sale, real estate should be replaced at the same price. Case 2: If your real property, you will be granted investment residency, which can be used to obtain permanent residence and a Turkish passport after five years.

During its 18 years of experience in investment and real estate in Turkey, My Ofis Company has succeeded in receiving representation and registering cooperation agreements with the largest and most reputable manufacturers in Turkey. Also, the experts of My Office Company will be with you in all stages of selecting the appropriate project to obtain citizenship or investment residence, write a contract, renew the contract, and make the necessary arrangements with the manufacturer for project installments.

Immigrating to Turkey through education

Turkey is a safe place for international students regardless of age and gender, and perhaps this has led to the growth and increase of the annual rate of international students in this country. According to the latest statistics, more than 150,000 international students have been studying in Turkey since 2020. By studying in one of the universities of this country, you will benefit from the opportunity of extended residence. After five years, you can apply for citizenship in this country. Also, all postgraduate and doctoral students have the right to work part-time.

Applicants for immigration to Turkey thorough study must first apply for admission to one of the country’s universities. Individuals wishing to enter Turkish-language universities must prove passing the Yos test. This degree is called Sat for English language universities. It is also possible to receive a scholarship in Turkey, which can be awarded according to their resume. Average grades of previous educational levels and fluency in Turkish or English are essential factors in obtaining a scholarship.

It should be noted that Turkish universities have a high international reputation along with low tuition fees, which has led to many students immigrating to this country every year from countries such as Germany, Spain, Australia, China, and the United States.

Immigrating to Turkey through work

One way to get a residence permit in Turkey is to work in this country. Applicants for immigration to Turkey through work should first know that since the official language of the Turkish people is Istanbul Turkish, fluency in Istanbul Turkish is one of the main prerequisites for employment by Turkish employers. All job seekers in Turkey need to obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the applicant must have successfully passed the job search and interview process in the first stage and reached an agreement with a Turkish employer. At the same time as receiving the work permit, the documents must be submitted to the employment office by the employer. In this case, the person is first granted a one-year residence permit, which is extended if the employer develops the employment contract.

Steps to get a residence permit in Turkey

These steps are different according to the method of your choice for a residence. Still, this section mentions the general steps of obtaining residency in Turkey and the necessary documents for this work.

First, we suggest that you translate all your identity and educational documents and work history in Iran and seal it with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because doing this in Iran can be done at a much lower cost. Once you have arrived in Turkey, you need to rent a place to live, buy a SIM card, and open an account. The necessary documents will upload to the Immigration website, and an interview will be arranged for you. The records required for this work are as follows: 1. The land fee is about 700 lire 2. Kimlik money bill about 120 lira 3. Noter money about 200 lire 4. Insurance cost depends on the age of the people between 200 to 500 lira and 5. 4 pieces Biometric photo. After preparing these documents and sending them to the Immigration Office, an interview time will be set. On the interview day, they will refer to the Immigration Office with complete documents and receive their residence. The residence card will be mailed to your address after one week and delivered to you in person.

It should be noted that My Office experts have completed all the steps of collecting documents, sending, and scheduling, and will be with you on the day of the interview, and you will not be alone in any of these steps.

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